Filta is a keyboard led band that is changing the way in which dance music and pop reach live audiences.

Filta was formed by keyboard player Huw Weston in 2015.

We are very excited to announce that Charlie Weston is now joining us as our new drummer, alongside Huw on keyboards, Callum Meenan Fry on bass guitar culminating with the amazing vocals of Joe Taylor.

Filta have evolved over the past few years from bringing those dance music covers to really exploring their own sound and are now in a place where their creativity is flying. With the launch of their debut album in September 2018 “Running from the Truth”, we set out to introduce people to their own music. Thus summer we have seen seen huge crowds at festivals singing along to our new songs,  “I found Someone”, “Walk The Line”, “Take me There” “No Sleep”, “If i Knew then” and “Coming Back”  and the festival favourite “Na Na Na Hey”, which will shortly be released on the band’s second album seem to be getting the crowds to jump, sing and interact with the band. These songs have allowed Filta to become part of their audience and vice versa. This feeling has ignited the band to further push boundaries and bring this fusion of piano led tunes with the strong raw vocals of Joe to really start to write the music they have always wanted to write.

Of course Filta will always add some of those favourite covers that the band has built their reputation on into the set but now is the time for Filta to drive forward their contemporary evolution and their singer/song writing ability. Filta are very excited to be writing a new album that pushes boundaries and really pushes forward that piano led sound.  This album encompasses everything that makes Filta a fascinating prospect, angular, sharp and ambitious with piano led grooves, soaring melodies coupled with observational, questioning and socially engaging lyrics. Lyrics that find beauty in the everyday and ultimately translate deeply personal experiences into something universal. Huw from the band recently stated “This is a new sound that we’ve been searching for since our coming together and really showcases what Joe can do vocally but also the tunes we are producing allow us as a band to really believe in what we are doing as every beat, note etc is part of us. It is an exciting time and a time that audiences will see the real us. We want our audiences to have a great time at our gigs and that is why we do what we do and why delivering our sound live is of the utmost importance to us. “

We are so looking forward to playing new venues, sold out venues and ultimately a summer run of summer festivals in 2020. This year saw us performing at The Isle of Wight Festival, Victorious Festival, Watchet Festival, Dorset Volksfest, Jurassic Fields Festival, UK Kite Fest along with a number of other well known festivals.


A new year …. A new sound …… A new us.






Isle Of Wight Festival      Victorious Festival(main stage)          Watchet Festival    Newt Festival (Headline)     Welliestock Festival (Headline)     Blackdown Festival (Headline)     Sheppyfest    Teignmouth Festival

Dorset Volksfest (Headline)   Cornwall VW Jamboree Festival (Headline)   Godney Gathering    Flashback Festival   UK KiteFest(headline)

Curry Rivel Live(Headline)  Debut Album “Running From The Truth”